Terrorism, noun, the political use of violence or intimidation  -The American Heritage Dictionary, Third Edition

Death Toll of The Anglo-Irish Conflict since 1968


 “IRA TERRORISM” is what British, Irish, and US gov’ts and the news media have been saying for the past thirty years. “Terrorism” later “justified” the Irish gov’t’s disastrous ratification of Britain’s criminal Partition of Ireland, restoration of Stormont and excision of Articles 2 and 3 of Ireland’s Constitution. “Terrorism” also “justified” their and the news media’s demand that the IRA disarm. They demanded that “Irish-America stop funding the IRA killers of women and children.” “Terrorism” provided FBI agent Buckley’s “justification” for his series of crimes against Chicago’s Irish and his subordinate’s participation in the Omagh atrocity.

THE BIG LIE even now, is promoted by PBS TV’s two-hour premiere of “Endgame in Ireland: Bomb and Ballot Box: Talking to Terrorists.” (“Brit officials talking with IRA terrorists!”) Above are named all of the children murdered since 1969. Thanks to Fr. Des Wilson of Belfast and also the Irish Informational Partnership and subsequent compilers for these data. Print it out and use it as a one-person truth squad. Help to end Britain’s centuries-long genocide in Ireland. Use it to ask why the Irish gov’t blames the IRA for Britain’s terrorist murders.

A TRUTHFUL CHICAGO TRIB or Sun-Times, or TV news, or even a truthful Echo, Voice or Chicago Irish radio would have readily demolished the Big Lie. This June, English newspapers finally reported what the Occupied Irish always knew; that the British army, RUC and spook agencies planned and participated in many of the murders. Thus, above where you read of murders perpetrated by British paramilitary terrorists, know that many of them were Brit gov’t agents murdering with impunity. Had we an honest Irish Consul General at any time here for the past thirty years an informed Irish-Chicago would have pressured our gov’t into stopping the real, Brit, terrorism. Here above is an undeniable measure of actual terrorism. It will further enrage the promoters of the “IRA terrorism” scenario. They try to silence these facts but can’t refute them.